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  • "Mysteries of Liquid" : a review by William J. Granche

"Mysteries of Liquid" : a review by William J. Granche

April 26, 2016 12:42 PM | Sara Frank (Administrator)

If you think you know water coloring, the chances are, you don't, not until you've seen “The Mysteries of Liquid”, an assembly of thirty water color paintings by Grover Slater on display at the Elk County Council on the Arts. Located at 237 Main Street, Ridgway, the Grand Opening was held on April 22nd. If you missed it, the good news is that the showing will last until May 21st. Take advantage of the delight, and visit the gallery open from eleven A. M. until 5 P. M. weekdays with extended hours on weekends.

In the arts, stagnation is death, while the real artist grows, evolves, finds new ways to express his medium focusing on varied subjects. Grover Slater is evolving. Where at one time, he had focused on presenting splashes of colors, some so bright, sunglasses couldn't mute them, this collection features solid colors so pronounced that they jolt the senses and produce a “seem that we've been there effect.” We not only see but hear “The Amish Boy” commanding his horse, the wagon wheels rumbling through his field into dusk. We feel the chill of winter in our bones in “Blue Snow Barn”, and we anticipate the launch, the flapping expanse of wings from the “Rose Spoonbill.”

Slater's paintings present the entire spectrum of the color wheel. In “Hollyhocks”, they merge while in others like, “Cupola Barn,” color meets and shape with substance. Slater's paintings demonstrate conscience and caution of an awareness regarding how warm colors and cool colors in the same piece may meet yet deliver a clean effect.

Color schemes intentionally compliment in “Gold Arches” and “Pink Shutters” to produce and accent colors. They influence the viewer, maybe produce a nostalgic illusion, a mood while the colors maintain their values. They merge and enhance the harmony and build on the relationship of the colors that have been chosen.

One need not be a connoisseur of art or a critic to appreciate “The Mysteries of Liquid.” Visit and look at the paintings, appreciate the varied subjects, the “stilled life” captured on paper and framed under glass. It's understood how one might be shocked by the reminiscence produced.  Be open to the opportunity to see from the artist's point of view. A moment's refection on the subject will be it's own reward.


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